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PrimeCare Network Conducts Payer Seminar 

PrimeCare Network

On October 2, 2009 PrimeCare Network launched its first annual “Initiating Mobility Provider Relations Executives Seminar” (imPRES). Held at the Westin Hotel on Beale Street in Memphis, the seminar featured an opportunity for provider relations executives, medical directors and nurse life care planners to get to know each other and several of PrimeCare board members, and for presenters to inform and educate these MCO executives on prosthetics and orthotics.

Commented Clint Snell, president of Snell’s Orthotics and Prosthetics in Louisiana:

“I was very excited to see the insurance professionals that attended get an overview and detailed information on new technology in the prosthetics and orthotics fields. This is the first opportunity that I have seen to actually answer any questions that the insurance professionals may have on orthotics and prosthetics and have a good feeling about developing a beneficial relationship for both. I would look forward to attending any seminars that Prime Care may hold in the future.”

" As a business owner, president of a state association, and State licensing Board member I consider myself knowledgeable on what is going on in our industry. Every time I attend a PrimeCare function I leave with a list new ideas to improve my business or how our members can be more effective in providing O. and P. services in our state. It is clear to me as PrimeCare's membership spreads across the country our educational format will become more valuable to the payers of our services in the future. A strong point was made at imPRES that the independent provider of Orthotics and Prosthetics is key to the quality of future care,” concurred Dan Oglesby, president of Birmingham Limb and Brace in Alabama.

Presenters were equally enthusiastic: “The conference was a wonderful opportunity for case managers and professionals in the insurance field to come together with members of the o&p industry to share ideas and information especially with regards to new technology in the field. I enjoyed speaking about the Microprocessor Knee and how it changes the lives of patients. The sharing of this information with both the insurance industry and peers in the o&p profession is a benefit to all. I enjoyed participating and would certainly attend future seminars held by Prime Care,” noted Byron Backus with Otto Bock.

Cathie Pruitt, President of the Network promised: “We are committed to educating the decision makers at the managed care organizations and will continue to build on October’s seminar. imPRES is now part of our ongoing strategy to support independent facilities. We are expecting this meeting to grow, similar to the growth our PrimeFare meetings have enjoyed.”

“This initial meeting opened a lot of doors for us to provide additional training, internally to case managers, adjusters, utilization review staff and others in managed care organizations, as well as the provider relations executives. As a result of this first foray into this type of education, we have had invitations from at least a half dozen managed care organizations to provide seminars to their staffs. We are currently developing modules for this training, which will begin in second quarter, 2010,” said Jane Edwards, Vice President of Operations for PrimeCare.

"The Impress seminar was a needed bridge in connecting different payer representatives to today's O&P technology. I feel it was a success and a great foundation to build off of for future seminars," agreed Aaron Sorensen, president of Restorative Health Services in middle Tennessee, and O&P Billing Solutions.

For more information, contact PrimeCare at 888-388-5243 or
PrimeCare O&P Network was founded in 1998 with the mission of supporting America’s independent orthotics and prosthetics practitioners and practices.

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