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After my leg was ripped off, my self-esteem was too 

Global Tattoo Orthotic Prosthetic Innovations LLC ( GTOPI )

360 OandP Blog  July 2011

 Helping  fellow amputees, and those who wear orthotic braces regain their SELF-ESTEEM and PRIDE enhancing the quality of lives.

After my leg was ripped off, my self-esteem was too! 

Embarrassed, so I covered my prosthetic up so good  nobody  knew I wore a artificial leg. This was the only restoration treatment  90% of amputees had to choose from for the last 40 or more years. 

20 some years later, I began wearing my prosthetic with the aluminum tubing exposed. Then one day, I became employed in training as a OandP technician. One week later, I'm fabricating my very own prosthetic socket. This time I wanted it different. So I added my own personal design, art to my own socket of fiery hot flames to remind me of the pain I once had. 

WOW! You know what happened, my pride and courage went thru the roof! I set out with vision to help others experience this great feeling.  I really enjoyed the fabrication side and opportunity. After watching them be made and the reward knowing every brace and prosthetic I made with my hands  would help another individual. 


Thank you for reading my blog

Dan Horkey CEO


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