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E-mail Offers Unique Prosthetic INK Technology 

Global Tattoo Orthotic Prosthetic Innovations ( GTOPI )

Dan Horkey of Offers Prosthetic INK Technology


I help amputees and those who wear orthotic braces regain their self-esteem,  image and pride enhancing the quality of their lives.

We customize OandP devices with art designs by airbrushing tattoos that brings a new vitality to otherwise lifeless limbs by allowing them to express themselves.

We apply high-quality artwork using a similar process to custom car painting. The result is a beautiful design of the client's choosing, including custom work.

Global Tattoo Orthotic Prosthetic Innovations LLC founded by Dan Horkey in 2008. An amputee, trained OandP technician and entrepreneur developed this personalized service for fellow amputees after applying a tattoo of fiery flames onto his own prosthetic. I experienced compliments everywhere I walked. It gave me a better self image, courage and pride of wearing my prosthetic openly.

We also help those who wear cranial helmets, KAFO, AFO orthotic braces.

"I think having a prosthetic and orthotic brace they are proud of can really help them feel better sooner".

Please share this information with a colleague, friend and your client's, it's sure to inspire them.

Visit our website or call customer service to learn more about how you can have a personal design or color applied.

Thank you for reading my blog.

To learn more about us, see our Walking Works of Art Newsletter  and join our network by subscribing

View our Tattoo Art Gallery


Dan Horkey CEO

Customer Service 360-895-1976


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