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Cruciform Anterior Stabilization Hyperextension Brace (CASH) 

The CASH brace provides a high level of stabilization and hyperextension capabilities and offers a lightweight design providing easier application by the patient and better compliance with wearing protocol.


The brace is fit anteriorly (front of the body) and provides a three-point pressure system.  The hyperextension capabilities keep the body in an upright position and prevent bending forward.


CASH with Sternal Extension


The sternal extension design extends to the subclavicular areas, bilaterally, to distribute the pressure more evenly over the chesst area.




Compression fracture of the spine




It is important to follow your physician’s instructions as to wearing protocol.  Normally, the brace is used when up and ambulating.




While lying down on back or sitting, position the brace on your chest with the pectoral pads (see photo) placed below the collarbone.


If sternal pads are used, position the pad marked TOP on chest just below the notch at the bottom of the neck.


The pubic pad is marked BOTTOM and should be placed just above the pubic bone.


The strap should be fed through the side pad slot, velcro side up and fasten the strap by pressing the Velcro hook into the pile strap.




Clean with mild soap and water.


Clean the end parts of the strap (hook) with a toothbrush.




You may shower, bathe or sponge clean while wearing the brace.


If the chest pads feel uncomfortably tight at first, you may place a folded washcloth or sponge under the pads for more comfort.


Wear a cotton shirt under the brace for additional comfort and protection.


Do not loosen the screws and attempt to readjust the brace yourself.  Your orthotist should be contacted for adjustments.


Keep the brace away from excessive heat.


To avoid snagging your clothes, cover the end parts of the strap.

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