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Minerva Cervical Orthosis 

Minerva cervical orthosisThe Minerva cervical orthosis is a design that positions the head and applies stabilizing forces under and around the chin and occiput to restrict flexion and extension, lateral motion and rotation of the head and cervical spine.


The design encloses the entire posteior skull and includes a band around the forehead, extending downward to the inferior costal margin.  If greater control of cervical and thoracic motion is required, it may terminate in a pelvic girdle.




Vertebral Fracture




Watch for reddened or broken skin under the brace. Skin breakdown can be caused by rubbing, pressure, or moisture. This may indicate that the brace does not fit properly or it is not being worn properly. An orthotist can adjust the fit and provide tips for comfort and proper wear.




Specific instructions will be supplied by your certified orthotist and physician.




Wash and deodorize your brace with a mild soap and damp cloth every day. If your brace has soft padding, then a hair dryer set on cool will help dry the inside.




Your brace will restrict your ability to move. You’ll not be able to see your feet, so take care when walking. Avoid extreme bending and twisting of your spine. When moving from a lying to a standing position, use your arm and leg muscles to keep your spine in proper alignment. Follow your doctor or physical therapist’s instructions about exercise.

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