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Stance Phase Lock Knee Joint 

Stance Phase Lock Knee Joint Orthosis
The Stance Phase Lock Knee Joint is a very innovative new design of automatic locking orthotic knee joint.  The design is based on a simple internal pendulum mechanism that locks and unlocks the knee depending on the angle of the joint in the sagittal plane.  The joint locks at the end of swing phase in the gait cycle, just prior to heel strike; the knee unlocks at heel off as the limb moves forward in preparation for swing phase.


The joint mechanism is position dependent and does not rely on heel loading for actuation, thus allowing the knee to lock at the end of swing phase instead of after heel strike, as with other designs currently available.  A more natural gait pattern results and circumduction or hip hiking, commonly seen in standard KAFO designs is avoided.


Advantages include:


·          Lightweight and highly durable materials

·          Stance Control can be triggered by weight bearing or jointmotion according to individual patient requirements

·          Prevents knee collapse regardless of flexion

·          Automatic lock at heel strike with free motion during swing phase

·          Can be used with bilateral knee paralysis or paresis

·          Can be used with metal, thermoplastic, laminated and hybrid orthoses

·          Three operating modes:


Automatic Stance Control

Free Motion

Manual Lock


The unit is provided as a set with the Swing Phase Control Joint.  This joint mounts laterally while the Control joint mounts medially.  The Control Joint uses friction to regulate knee flexion when the orthosis is unlocked during swing phase.  A proximal remote push-button switch controls the operation of the device in three modes to accommodate walking, sitting or standing respectively


                        Automatic Lock/Unlock

                        Manual Unlock

                        Manual Lock




§          Weak or absent quadriceps

§          Knee Instability




Specific protocol instructions will be provided by your physician, certified orthotist and physical therapist.




Your certified orthotist will provide specific instructions as to don and doff.




Your certified orthotist will provide specific instructions as to care of the brace.  Any maintenance or adjustments will be performed by your certified orthotist.

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