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Tenodesis Splint 

Tendonesis SplintThe tenodesis or wrist driven orthosis is an excellent functional aid for the C6 quadriplegic with remaining use of the extensor carpi radialis.  The orthotic function is to furnish prehension through reciprocal wrist extension and finger flexion motion or tenodesis action. 


The patient gains the potential for grasping, holding and releasing desired objects. 


There are several attachments that can be incorporated into the orthosis for individual functions including the spring attachment which can be fabricated to hold a pencil for writing purposes.


Spring AttachmentThe Mapel (ratchet assist) can be fabricated to provide rest for functional wrist extensors while maintaining grasp for long periods.  As the patient dorsiflexes the wrist, the ratchet engages.  The ratchet function can be disengaged at will by releasing the lever with either the other hand or striking it against an object, such as a table top.




Your physician will give specific instructions.  Normally, can be used daily for appropriate tasks of ADL and catheter maintenance.


Mapel AttachmentDON AND DOFF


Your orthotist, physician or occupational therapist will give specific instructions as to don and doff




Cleanse with a soft cloth and alcohol.




Watch for any skin changes, i.e. redness, pressure areas and report any findings to your orthotist for adjustments.

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