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The Harmony® P3 Vacuum System from Otto Bock is available in November. 

Otto Bock

Less Is More

The Harmony® P3 Vacuum System from
Otto Bock merges elegant design with maximum functionality


(Minneapolis, MN) Otto Bock HealthCare, innovating prosthetic technologies for the last 90 years, now introduces the next-generation design of vacuum pump: the Harmony® P3. Available to certified practitioners in November, the Harmony P3 provides maximum functionality for the patient and optimum efficiency for the prosthetist within a sleek and ingenious design. “We envision vacuum technology as the standard of care for socket systems and see the P3 as the best solution so far for practitioners looking to achieve great results for their patients while staying lean and efficient in their practice,” says Brad Ruhl, President & CEO of Otto Bock HealthCare US.

The Harmony P3 is appropriate for amputees who are moderate to high activity level and want to ensure optimized fit with their prosthesis throughout the day. Because of the P3’s new design, more amputees can take advantage of the device’s technology: the P3 is lighter and has a smaller overall height and width than its predecessors.

Like previous generations of the mechanical Harmony devices, the P3 is waterproof to support patients in a number of environments. The Functional Ring of the P3 device provides vacuum generation, vertical shock absorption and torsion, all in one simple component. The ingenious 3-in-1 design of the Functional Ring allows for easy serviceability in the field, when necessary, by the practitioner. This feature saves time and the need to equip patients with loaner devices while their product is in for repair. “There’s no question, it’s a priority that the prosthetist serve their patients as quickly as possible and with the best solution available,” says Pete Nohre, Director of Marketing for Otto Bock. “The P3 is going to allow for some adjustability to help ensure patient satisfaction.”

About the Harmony System: The Harmony System is an active volume management suspension system for transtibial and transfemoral prostheses that optimizes the limb/socket environment. The Harmony System creates a subatmospheric environment by incorporating a Total Surface Weight Bearing (TSWB) socket, a liner, a vacuum pump that draws air out of the system, and a sealing sleeve that makes an air-right seal with the user’s liner and body.

Studies carried out at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota have shown that the Harmony System prevents volume loss and minimizes volume fluctuations in the residual limb. The resulting adhesion between prosthesis and residual limb reduces tissue elongation and displacement. The step length and stance phase are measurably shorter than without the vacuum, allowing for a symmetrical gait pattern. The integrated shock absorber and torsion function increase the walking comfort and relieve the strain on the wearer’s joints and spine.


Minnesota-based Otto Bock HealthCare LP was established in 1958 as the Americas corporate headquarters of Otto Bock HealthCare, GmbH, based in Duderstadt, Germany. Otto Bock has more than 3,800 employees worldwide and produces over 25,000 types of prosthetic and orthotic components, mobility and rehabilitation products, and is the U.S. leader in delivering continuous passive motion (CPM) services and related therapies. (

Contact: Cara Koski
CKPR (for Otto Bock HealthCare)
Cell: 612-716-1417


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