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The New C-Leg® New benefits from the leading microprocessor-controlled knee  

Otto Bock HealthCare

 MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Otto Bock HealthCare announces a new version of the C-Leg® microprocessor-controlled knee, adding improved swing phase control, enhanced stumble recovery, a higher weight limit of 300 lbs., and increased splash protection.
Otto Bock introduced the C-Leg® to the world in 1997, transforming above-knee prosthetic care around the globe. Since then the C-Leg has become the most clinically evaluated and studied prosthetic knee in history, with dozens of studies confirming the C-Leg’s position as the Standard of Care for transfemoral amputees. A very recent clinical study concluded that C-Leg demonstrated “increased efficacy in safety, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness when compared to other prosthetic knees.”1

“The new C-Leg joins Genium and C-Leg Compact in Otto Bock’s family of advanced prosthetic knees,” said Otto Bock U.S. HealthCare President/CEO Brad Ruhl. “We’re very proud to offer a complete spectrum of solutions for amputees that’s really unique to our industry. All our technology, all our research, is focused on getting closer and closer to natural walking for amputees.”

A key benefit of the new C-Leg is increased peace of mind for users. The optimized stumble recovery provides even greater resistance in case a user trips or stumbles so, for example, a toy left on the living room floor is a much-reduced threat for falling. Improved swing phase control means easier swing initiation, resulting in more natural response to a change in speed, especially handy on busy streets or crowded venues.

In addition, an extra activity mode has been added, as well as increased moisture protection with attached silicone caps covering the charging ports. And, thanks to an increase in the weight limit to 300 lbs., the benefits of C-Leg technology are now available to even more users.
The new C-Leg is part of Otto Bock’s ongoing commitment to advanced technologies for better patient outcomes. Since 1997, Otto Bock has continued research and development efforts for the C-Leg, regularly making incremental product improvements, as well as two previous major advances of the original microprocessor knee. The new 2011 version represents the third major update to the C-Leg.

Matt Wise, an early-adopter of the original C-Leg, commented that the 2011 version is “even smoother. The knee is forgiving and responsive, whether I am tired from a day camping in the woods with my kids or I’m hurrying down a ramp to get to my car after work – and my third set of stairs.”

The new C-Leg is ideal for anyone with high stability and reliability requirements in everyday life, providing a high degree of mobility and freedom. It offers outstanding stability when walking over uneven ground, walking slowly or quickly, negotiating slopes, and walking down stairs step-over-step.

Otto Bock also recently announced its latest advancement in prosthetic knee technology, the Genium™ Bionic Prosthetic System. This one-of-a-kind prosthetic knee is built on an entirely different technological platform from the C-Leg, utilizing sophisticated software to turn multiple environmental inputs into the most natural, intuitive motion available.

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