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Pre and Post-Operative Services for the Amputee 

Sander Nassan

Great effort is put into avoiding the diabetes complications that can lead to amputation, but unfortunately, it still happens, Most diabetes patients find themselves in a difficult and painful situation, faced with thoughts of restricted mobility, a severely diminished lifestyle, and a genuine loss of self, However, with proper guidance and tools, a patient can experience greater mobility, healthier lifestyle options, and are"engagement with life to its fullest exte~t after amputation, If you work closely with people with diabetes, it is essential that you understand what your patient is facing when amputation becomes the most viable option. In this volume, Nassan and his authors give you the necessary tools to help patients face the trauma of amputation:

•    Identifying the needs of the amputee

•    Prescribing physical therapy

•    Identifying a patient's learning style

•    Wound-healing techniques

•    Psychophysiological implications of the operation

Sander Nassan, CPO, FAAOP (editor) is a Clinical Prosthetist and Orthotist and owner of Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates in Scottsdale, Arizona.


He is an adjunct faculty member in the Harrington Department of Bioengineering at Arizona State University and past chairperson of the Gait Society, a division of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists.

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