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PrimeFare West Seminar Goes International 

Jane Edwards


Press Release- Post-PrimeFare West 2009


The PrimeCare O&P Network’s western scientific symposium, held February 20-21, 2009 in Salt Lake City attracted attention and attendance from around the globe.


Nearly 100 attendees and exhibitors gathered at the Salt Palace Convention Center to sample the PrimeFare West smorgasbord of educational offerings presented by some of the industry’s distinguished leaders.


More than 50% took advantage of certification opportunities offered as part of on-site manufacturer-accredited courses on the i-Limb™ Prosthetic Hand, the E-MAG Active Orthosis, and the SensorWalk Orthosis. 


Pedorthists waxed enthusiastic about a CPED educational track that focused on complex and challenging pathologies, and featured National Pedorthic Services’ Dennis Janisse, who received compliments from his audience.


Ty Oswald of In Sight Orthotics & Prosthetics, a regular PrimeFare guest, pronounced this the best symposium so far, and Becker Orthopedic’s Russ Hornfisher also saluted the symposium’s consistent growth by noting, “I always find new customers at the Prime Care meetings.”


Yu-Lin Nichole Cheng crossed the Pacific to take advantage of PrimeFare West’s diversity of tracks and sessions, commenting, “I’m glad to be able to see many new orthoses, prostheses, materials, and equipment here, and to have the opportunity to learn from recent research on subjects like pediatric gait.  I appreciate the exposure to new ideas, and the opportunity to share experiences with others in this field; the pedorthics sessions, especially, impressed me.  This was like an ‘open mind’ trip for me from Taiwan!”


Eric Robinson of 360, a first-time visitor to the PrimeFare series of seminars, praised the organization and structure of the symposium, observing that “the meeting format is well thought out, providing an optimal opportunity for exhibitors and practitioners to share common information in an open forum that benefits and enriches us all.”


Plans are already under way for the next PrimeFare West 2010 Scientific Symposium. The PrimeFare East seminar is slated to take place in its new, expanded format, on June 5-6 in Nashville.  For more information, contact Jane Edwards at 888-388-5243, or visit

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