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Maintaining Healthy Body Weight 

Jennifer Latham Robinson

“No-no to yo-yo dieting”.

Even slight weight gain or weight loss can adversely affect the fit of a prosthetic socket.  The best approach any amputee can take is speaking directly with his or her physician and developing a nutrition plan that is consistent and realistic.  Dieting is a lifestyle, not a temporary fix.  A reasonable physician-monitored diet plan, periodic self-monitoring and some form of basic exercise can have a drastically positive effect on an amputee’s prosthetic rehabilitation.



“I knew I needed to lose weight, but didn’t know where to start.  I was out of breath and it was becoming really difficult to walk long distances with my prosthesis.  I spoke with my physician and decided on joining Weight Watchers to lose about 20 lbs, very slowly.  I did it and still follow my diet plan, over four years later.  Since losing the weight, I am able to walk better and be more active.  I have not had to have a new socket is since I met my weight goal and plan to stay in this socket for as long as possible”.






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