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A new invention for improving walking & running shoes has arrived. 

Howard Mitchell

Putting on and taking off laced footwear is a daily duty for many but can be a trial for countless others. Lace-amatic is a device for simplifying and streamlining the lacing , tying & unlacing of shoes to make it easier for those dealing with strength, dexterity or flexibility limitations.

Once installed and fine tuned on your shoes it can tighten, knot or undo them with a push of one finger. It will even undo your shoes enough to be stepped out of, hands free, without needing to bend over to do it. Lace-amatic works by directly pulling the two halves of the shoe together without having to overcome the friction that laces & eyelets normally cause. This combined with a built in lever & cam design minimizes the effort required operate it.

The swinging of a built in lever over the top of the shoe will instantly tighten and secure the laces. A deliberate nudge by either foot against the release arms allows the shoe to spring back open to its original starting position. It is made to operate with conventional shoe laces for the most athletic support available.

It has proved popular for Arthritis, Ms, Al's, Parkinson's, Stroke, Autism, back pain, balance problems, upper limb injury and amp, hand and joint injury, Post Op hip surgery, overweight and advanced pregnancy. Outside of the medical applications, its speed and simplicity has garnered the support of triathletes, runners, parents of teenagers with loose runners and frequent flyer's for airport security shoe checks.

It can be viewed at

Lace-amatic action shot (in use) 

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Jitesharora : re: A new invention for improving walking & running shoes has arrived. commented on Thursday, November 11, 2021 5:59:00 AM
tafani : re: A new invention for improving walking & running shoes has arrived. commented on Thursday, June 13, 2019 3:14:43 AM
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