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Custom Mother's Hug Orthosis 

Without braceThe Mother’s Hug orthosis is a design incorporating an anterior section fabricated of polypropylene plastic with a posterior strapping and pad system.  It provides hyperextension position with three point pressure.  The orthosis is appropriate for a variety of conditions, one of which is kyphosis, as depicted to the left.


Kyphosis is a curving of the spine which causes a bowing of the back.


There are several brace designs used for kyphosis.  The goal is to hold the spine straight with shoulders pulled back with a three point pressure system.  The custom molded plastic TLSO is very effective in this regard.


Measurements and a plaster cast of the patient is taken and the orthosis fabricated.  The choice of materials used would depend on the patient’s unique circumstances and determined by your physician and orthotist.  The TLSO would demonstrate a high anterior section and the posterior section ending just below the area of kyphosis. 





You must follow your physician’s specific instructions as to wearing protocol.  However, the more compliant the individual is in wearing the brace, the more successful they will be.




§          It is normally suggested to don the orthosis lying in the supine position (on your back) with your knees bent.

§          Lie down into the back of the brace and secure the strapping system beginning at the bottom and working upward to tighten.




§          Use alcohol to clean the brace and areas over the skin that might be irritated.

§          Wear a cotton shirt under the brace for comfort, hygiene and protection.

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