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Elizabeth - "The Sky's the Limit"*  

Elizabeth is the mother of a young child and a businesswoman who suffered cognitive and physical damage from Neurological Disorder.

From an active lifestyle to an AFO

"I went from being this incredibly active person. I rode mountain bikes. I rode a horse. I kayaked and ran and was incredibly active. I went from being seemingly healthy to a very unhealthy person."

"Having the drop foot and having to use the AFO took all of that away for me. Using an AFO, well, it was kind of like a nightmare for me. The AFO was something that I just – I still to this day, I despise it. It is hard plastic, dug into my skin. I couldn't wear any of my shoes anymore."

"Having to use an AFO and use a cane was so limiting to me. It limited every aspect of my life. It didn't just take away the once vibrant, active life that I had. It took away my ability to get around in my own kitchen. It took away my ability to do my own laundry."

The hardest part

"I couldn't carry my child anymore. The hardest part was looking down at my child. Every single night, it never failed, we'd be at the bottom of the stairs. And she'd say, 'Mommy, pick me up,' and it was devastating to have to look at her and say, 'I can't. I can't pick you up.' Horrible, it was horrible."

A bright future with the NESS L300

"The first time that I used the L300, I cried because my leg did something it hadn't done in years. And it was amazing. And it was the first time that I actually found hope and saw a little glimpse of what my future might look like."

"It requires no thought. You just put it on, push a little button and you go. If [I] get a little fatigued, I can just increase the electrical stimulation a little bit and keep on going."

"When you reintroduce the correct way to walk, your body has to go through all of those adjustments all over again. I definitely experience some back spasms and muscle soreness. But I have to say it was actually something that felt quite refreshing to me because these are muscles I hadn't felt in a long time. So it was pretty exciting to say, 'Oh, my gosh. I can feel a certain part of my back, and I haven't felt that in a really long time.' Once you get over that part, it's really the sky's the limit."

A new life with her daughter

"The L300 to me is priceless because it gave me the gift of being able to have a life with my daughter. This is what you dream of from the minute that you know that you're going to have a child, you are already dreaming of all these wonderful things you're going to do. And for me, being an outdoor person, part of those dreams were camping and going on runs and hiking with her and doing all those wonderful things, the L300 gave all that back to me. So it didn't just change my life. It changed my little girl's life."

*Individual results vary. Consult with a qualified physician to determine if these products are right for you.


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