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Check out the coverage from our Adaptive Rock Climbing Clinic in Joshua Tree, CA! 


Get Amp’d with Sanuk Newcomer Ronnie Dickson

by Grizzly Adam on May 9th, 2011
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As a newcomer to the Sanuk team, Ronnie Dickson brings a unique element to the table. You see, Ronnie lost his leg above the knee almost six years ago.  Amputation required Ronnie to search for different ways to engage himself. Two years later and determined to stay positive, he found his new passion- Climbing.

We hooked up with Mr. Dickson through a series of fortunate events and soon found out he’s a rad dude with a big smile and even bigger dreams. Recently, the Sanuk Squad made their way out to Joshua Tree for an amputee climbing clinic hosted by Ronnie and his friends.

Today we’ve brought Ronnie to the blog to share some words on his story and the clinic. The following words are from the happyhead himself:

I started climbing four years ago as a recent above the knee amputee. I found climbing by chance, and have been hooked ever since. It brought together the traveling and adventure that I enjoyed with my life and also got me set with a new challenge to pour all my energy into. Climbing was cool because everybody has to learn the way their body works on the rock, and it didn’t matter that I had one leg.

I used to do all my climbing without a prosthetic leg, but over the course of the past four years I have rigged up some adaptive equipment and adapted my style to where I almost exclusively to all of my climbing with my leg on. I have accomplished things that I never thought were possible and have met many amazing people along the way.

It has always been my belief that climbing is an accessible sport for people with disabilities, so it has been my goal over the past two years to introduce as many people with disabilities to climbing as possible. I have been very successful in this, introducing hundreds of people with disabilities to climbing through various indoor clinics around the country.

My vision finally came to fruition on April 9th in the So Cal desert at Joshua Tree National Park. We were able to introduce 13 persons with disabilities to their first outdoor climbing experience. Everybody made it up to the top of the wall and was able to enjoy the mostly sunny day out in Josh after the weather settled down.

I have to say that it was wild, encountering a fifteen minute bout of snow in the fifty degree heat out in the otherwise cloudless desert, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

The clinic was made possible by many people and it was great to have the crew from Sanuk come out and join us for the day. The prosthetic foot that I have cannot be set up with sandals so it has been nice to finally find a pair of shoes that feel like sandals. There is nothing like going from a pair of climbing shoes into footwear that feels like walking on clouds.

I am already looking forward to next year. My vision has been to make this a series of clinics that travels around the country. It has been great to take my passion and be able to pass that onto others. Bottom line: If you have something that you are really excited and psyched about…

Check out the video from the event:


Smile…pass it on!

To follow Ronnie on his incredible journey visit

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