Otto Bock

Otto Bock

Manufacturer of wheelchairs, rehabilitation and medical products.

Otto Bock is a German prosthetics company situated in Duderstadt. It was founded in 1919 by its namesake prosthetist, Otto Bock. It was created in response to the large number of injured veterans from World War I. The Otto Bock Corporation has been responsible for several standard-setting innovations in prosthetics, including the pyramid adapter (a highly adjustable linkage for prosthetic parts) and the C-Leg, a computerized knee that adaptively varies its passive resistance to suit the patients' different walking gaits.

Established in 1958, Otto Bock HealthCare is North and South American corporate headquarters of Otto Bock Healthcare, GmbH based in Duderstadt, Germany. The company's headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company also maintains a manufacturing and engineering facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lower Limb Prosthetics
Upper Limb Prosthetics
Socket Technology
Custom Silicone Services
Prefabricated Orthotics
Custom Orthotics
OBSS (Otto Bock Custom cushions)
Otto Bock Kids
Bath Safety
Wheelchair Cushions and Accessories
Power Mobility

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