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Additional information:

A perfect blend of support & flexibility.

(Custom Fabricated from measurements)

The SureStep TLSO approaches management of the trunk by providing stability while allowing for slight movement in all planes. Immobilization has been the standard in spinal management, and while any static position may be achieved with more rigid spinal bracing, this immobilization brings with it the inability to develop dynamic movements of the trunk, and encourages atrophy of the musculature throughout. 

The SureStep TLSO uses SureStep’s thin and flexible plastic to compress the trunk without immobilizing. Liners are available in a variety of thicknesses to improve comfort and decrease the risk of skin irritation and soft tissue trauma. 



Features and Options:


•Thin and supple plastic remains flexible when worn 
•Adaptable for G-Tubes, Baclofen pumps, etc. 
•Lightweight, low profile design is more comfortable 
•Removable foam liner protects against edge pressure and is easy to clean 
•Anterior or posterior opening available with hook and loop closure 
•Excellent replacement for custom molded seating systems 
•Allows dynamic trunk movement •Available in all of the cool designs 
•Custom fabricated to measurements 




•Fixed scoliotic curvatures 
•Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis 
•Severe respiratory compromise

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