Parydonn (Product View)

Parydonn (Product View)

Freedom Innovations

Parydonn Prosthetic Liner


  • The new world of user-friendly liners.

Additional information:

 Forget everything you know about prosthetic liners. Forget all about sticky, odor-filled, cloth-covered products that are difficult to use, difficult to clean, and fray at the edges. The Parydonn® Prosthetic Liner is the industry's most unique medical-grade, silky smooth socket interface. It is hygienic, odor resistant, durable, easy to donn and doff, and easy to trim. The secret is our patented Parylene Coating bonded to the silicone liner at the molecular level through an innovative vapor deposition process. This produces a permanent hydrophobic barrier that will not peel, crack, chip, or wear off. And it's suitable for all activity levels. Welcome to the new world of user-friendly liners!


Silky smooth—Parylene coated inner and outer surfaces feel pleasant against the skin.


No fabric covering—therefore easy to trim, no frayed edges, and easy for the amputee to keep clean and looking new.


Roll on or pull on—smooth inner surface gives amputees their choice of donning methods, a great feature for those with limited dexterity.


Just wash and go—hydrophobic nature of the coating makes the liner easy to clean and fast to dry.


Bacteria incursion blocked—virtually eliminating odors.


Reduced potential for skin complications— coating is chemical and fungal resistant.


Eliminates cold flow—proven platinumcured silicone retains original shape even after prolonged use.


Minimized pistoning—two optimized matrix layers and varying umbrella sizes ensure a correct fit for amputees of all sizes and increase durability. 

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