Alha Original Suction Seal (Product View)

Alha Original Suction Seal (Product View)

Ohio Willow Wood

Alpha Original Suction Seal


  • Original Fabric and Mineral-oil-based Gel.
  • Aids in Creating Successful Suspension Solution.
  • Interior Fabric Cuff prevents Damage to Alpha Gel.
  • Four Sizes and Two Colors.

Additional information:

Alpha® Original Suction Seal


Th e Alpha Original Suction Seal is composed of Alpha gel and fabric on both the outside and inner cuff. It can be used in conjunction with any of our suction suspension products, including the Alpha Suction Pro or Suction Pyramid, to obtain added security with an airtight seal. This seal features an interior fabric cuff to protect the Alpha gel from being damaged by the socket trim line. The Alpha Original Suction Seal is available in four different sizes (Small through Extra Large), and two color options.

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