Alpha Upper Extremity Liner (Product View)

Alpha Upper Extremity Liner (Product View)

Ohio Willow Wood

Alpha Upper Extremity Liner


  • Made of Comfortable Alpha Thermoplastic Elastomeric Gel.
  • For Above Elbow and Below Elbow Amputees.
  • Available in Locking Style.
  • Uniquely-Shaped Umbrella for Upper Extremity Amputees.

Additional information:

Alpha® Upper Extremity Liner


At last, the comfort of the Alpha Liner is now available for upper extremity amputees! Ohio Willow Wood has adapted its revolutionary lower extremity Alpha Liners for use by above elbow and below elbow amputees.


The Alpha Upper Extremity Liner surrounds the residual limb in a layer of skin-friendly, mineral-oil-based gel that contains Vitamin E. Made from thermoplastic elastomer (not silicone or urethane!), the gel gently adheres to the skin to protect against abrasion and breakdown. The Alpha gel is covered in a layer of durable fabric that extends the life of the liner and allows it to easily slide into a socket.


In order to provide maximum comfort and excellent socket fit, the Alpha Upper Extremity Liner is available in 3 mm gel thickness as well as three sizes to adapt to the amputee’s limb circumference. The unique oval-shaped umbrella allows for a more comfortable fitting liner on upper extremity patients. Like the lower extremity liners, the Alpha Upper Extremity Liner is heat moldable, allowing prosthetists to easily tailor the liner's fit within their facilities.

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