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PrimeFare East 2009 Regional Symposium Increases Attendance 21 percent 

PrimeCare Network

This year’s PrimeFare East meeting enjoyed record setting attendance with 172 practitioners in attendance and 148 total speakers and supplier representatives, for an overall meeting attendance of 320.

“While we would be more than happy with this type of increase in numbers any year, we are particularly pleased with this year’s record-setting attendance to the Symposium, given the economic climate,” said Cathie Pruitt, President and CEO of PrimeCare Network. “The same holds true for the increase in exhibitors. We are very much aware that the manufactures and other suppliers are scrutinizing the bottom line and making some tough decisions on which meetings to attend and which ones to cut. At the same time, PrimeFare East 2009 had 52 returning exhibitors and 9 new ones.”

“PrimeFare East was the most effective trade show we've worked this year when considering total cost, number of attendees and the participation of attendees,” commented Gary Mahler, President of Pel Supply Company.

Barry Cantor, CPO and President of Cooks Orthopedics in Middle Tennessee, and a long term member of the Network, commented as an attendee: “I have been attending PrimeFare for many years. It is wonderful. I enjoy the comfortable facilities, the informative seminars, the friendly camaraderie, and the information available from the exhibitors. It is a great learning opportunity for all.”

Added Nick Antonucci, Ossur Account Manager: “ The PrimeFare meeting was one of the most well organized and highly attended shows that I have ever been to. Össur is very excited to be a partner of PrimeCare, and if this meeting is any indication of how our relationship will turn out, then many more great things are yet to come.”

Veteran exhibitor and speaker, Russ Hornfisher, Director of Sales for Becker Orthopedic, provided feedback, as well: “After 11 years of attending PrimeFare East, I am still meeting new customers at the meeting and gaining new business from these contacts, and the same holds true at PrimeFare West.”

Jane Edwards, Director of Operations noted that: “PrimeFare East continues to add representation from a broad geographic range. This year’s meeting saw attendees from 22 states, or 44% of the U.S. In comparison, last year’s Symposium had 16 states represented.”

As an attendee coming from New York, who traveled 1127 miles, by motorcycle, to attend his second PrimeFare Symposium, Chris Huff, C.O. and partner in Advance P&O in Albany, New York sent PrimeCare staff the following feedback on his second PrimeFare East experience: “I really enjoy coming to the PrimeFare meeting for several reasons:

1. The educational courses are fantastic, every year I learn something new to take back to my practice to improve our patient care.

2. The people I meet are very friendly and helpful. I network and develop contacts in case I need assistance with a difficult case. This year Joe Reagan from A Step Ahead even gave me a tour of his practice in Nashville and showed me what a wonderful practice he has.

3. The weather and roads are wonderful. How could I resist the chance to ride my motorcycle down through the beautiful Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains in warmer weather.”

(This year Huff attempted and completed a ride through the Iron Butt organization called the Saddlesore 1000 which involves a 1000 mile ride with in a 24 hour period. He rode home from Nashville to Troy, NY just making the requirement of 1027.4 miles. Says Huff of the ride: “I now know why they call it the Saddlesore.”)

“What makes our meetings so popular is the quality of the courses offered, the attraction of Nashville for East and Salt Lake City for West, and the fact that we consider each and every person at these meetings as our personal guests and treat them as such,” Pruitt and Edwards agreed.

PrimeFare West, to be held again at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City will take place on February 19-20, 2010 and PrimeFare East 2010, to be held again at the Nashville Convention Center in Nashville on June 4-5, 2010. Jane Edwards can be contacted for information on providing abstracts for those interested in presenting, as well as those interested in exhibiting or attending.

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Contact:  Cathie Pruitt, 901-753-8441,


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