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Point Health Centers of America, Letter from the President  

Dennis E. Clark


At POINT we are committed to our mission; to function as a vehicle for independent, ABC accredited orthotic and prosthetic facilities to compete with the large, national and regional firms in the managed care health-care environment.

Personally, I am proud to be president of the only network whose membership is made up entirely of companies committed to the highest standard of orthotic and prosthetic care through ABC facility accreditation.

But we will stop there; further differentiation in the rehabilitation market place will also include the use of information and communication technology.

POINT will be at the forefront of these technologies in an effort to maintain and grow our competitive advantage. 

In the future we will have the ability to show, with verifiable and reliable measurement tools, the value of the services we provide. This information will be more powerful if it can be shown on a local, regional and national level. POINT is already working toward this end with a patient surveying and communication tool, AbilityPro.

POINT rewards our members’ efforts to achieve ABC accreditation through:

  • State, Regional and National POINT MCO contracts

  • Access to Homelink contracts at preferred administrative rates

  • Better pricing on professional liability insurance; Why? because you have earned better status through your discipline and commitment to follow through on the standards ABC requires for Facility Accreditation

  • Free “clinician profiles” on Web sites created by Forbin. Your practitioners are your most valued resource and your quality Web site is the world’s window to your practice and your practitioners.

  • AbilityPro
     promoted first to POINT and offered to POINT at a reduced rate compared to other users

POINT membership
 is the only way to be represented to MCO’s on a state, regional and national level with out selling your practice to a huge national provider.

 becomes more attractive to Managed Care Organizations with every new member. As we work together we both become stronger. POINT is a member service organization at every level. Communication followed by action makes us all stronger and more connected. I encourage each of you to learn about all the aspects and activities of  the network to whom you are paying dues. This is the best way for you to maximize your benefit and just as important it gives POINT a chance to get feedback from our most valuable resource; our members.


Dennis E. Clark, CPO, President
POINT Health centers of America


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