The Walk On® 28U11

The Walk On® 28U11

Otto Bock

Walk On 28U11


  • Passive, flexible limitation of plantar flexion
  • Dynamic foot repositioning
  • High stability and lightweight design
  • Flexible rollover in the heel and forefoot
  • High level of functionality and durability
  • Pliable calf section

Additional information:


The 28U11 Walk On® AFO is especially designed for active patients with weak dorsiflexion or paralysis. It flexibly and passively limits plantar flexion and ensures dynamic foot repositioning. Made from preimpregnated carbon fibers, the lightweight orthosis is stable and offers high energy return.




Physiological Gait Pattern


The flexible elements in the anterior foot area and the heel make a dynamic physiological gait pattern possible for your patient, both on even and uneven surfaces, while the middle portion of the foot and the calf band are held in place in order to actively support lifting the foot.


Gait analysis studies have shown that, compared to other carbon orthoses with frontal contact in the stance phase, the Walk On® offers increased stability for the patient. During the swing phase, the orthosis compensates for the missing foot lifter function in an almost identical manner. The improved rollover dynamics can be verified by examining the torque acting on the upper part of the ankle. Near-sagittal torque was measured on the upper part of the ankle in the middle of the stance phase. This relates to a physiological stress on the joints and a high level of comfort. For more information, see the links below.


In addition, the Walk On® with its removable calf pad stands out with a high level of user comfort. The lightweight design and slim anatomical shape increase compliance and make a dynamic gait at higher speeds possible for your patient. It also makes this a durable solution for your patients. Patients will also appreciate how easy it is to don and doff this AFO.




Weak dorsiflexion
Peroneal palsy
Drop foot
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease


We offer a 6-month warranty on the Walk-On™. Warranty is valid if all directions for use, application, and care are followed.

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