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Sensor Walk


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Meet the next generation of stance control - the Sensor Walk™! Developed by Otto Bock in conjunction with Mayo Clinic, the Sensor Walk delivers superb stance control in a heavy-duty custom KAFO.


Unique sensors in the footplate know when the patient is in the late stance phase and trigger the knee joint to unlock. Because an extension moment is not required to unlock the joint, the Sensor Walk helps provide the clinical benefits of a more natural gait.


The Sensor Walk's robust design can handle patients who weigh up to 300 lbs (136 kg) and can accommodate a 15° knee flexion contracture so you can fit patients who have few options for sophisticated stance control!






The Sensor Walk is powered by a lithium-ion battery that powers the knee joint for approximately 15,000 steps, the equivalent of a full, active day before it requires recharging. An easy-to-use charger is included.




Features and Benefits


Enhanced stability during stance phase.


Stumble recovery due to the ability to block flexion if needed.


The flexion blocking mechanism is activated when needed during the gait cycle, providing additonal stability 300 lbs (136 kg) weight limit.


Electronic assessment of the relative orientation of the user's limb and utilization of a microprocessor to determine the appropriate time to engage and disengage the knee joint restraint mechanism.


The Sensor Walk can be set to function in three ways: as a locked joint, as a stance control KAFO, and free swing.



Patient Indications


The Sensor Walk KAFO is intended for patients who exhibit weak or absent quadriceps, or knee instability in the sagittal plane while bearing weight during the stance phase of the gait cycle.


Patients should be able to exhibit a steppage gait.


Patients should have hip flexor strength of at least Grade 3. Step length over level ground should exceed the length of the opposing foot.


Patients must have the muscle strength in their torso or pelvis required to swing the Sensor Walk forward while walking.



Warranty Duration


The Sensor Walk KAFO has a 12 month Limited Product Warranty and a 60 day fabrication Limited Warranty. Please refer to the Instructions for Use included with the product for complete information.



Ordering Information


Clinicians must be trained in order to fit the Sensor Walk. The Sensor Walk is a custom laminated KAFO fabricated by Otto Bock's experienced team of orthotic technicians. You can also select either an articulated or fixed ankle joint. Please call 1.877.FAB.OTTO or click on the link below for an order form or for ordering details.


Ordering Information  
Style Right Left
Laminated 17B500=R-L300 17B500=L-L300










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