Sentry (Product View)

Sentry (Product View)




  • For post-operative and post-injury range-of-motion control.

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Product Highlights


Rigid frame design helps maintain proper hinge alignment.


Adjustable frame width and cuff length provide individualized fit and accommodate fluctuations in leg size during recovery.


Femoral & tibial cuffs adjust medially or laterally to accommodate varus or valgus angulation.


Non-elastic anterior straps provide control over hinge depth.


Dial lock hinges allow flexion settings from 0° – 120° and extension setting from 0° – 75° in 7.5° increments.


Anti-Migration System [AMS]™ aids in brace suspension.


Water-resistant materials, ideal for hydrotherapy.


Simple four-strap system for easy application and removal.


Fits under most loose clothing.


The sturdy post-op solution.


A rigid frame and non-elastic strapping provides solid post-operative support and rehabilitation.

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