Polio-style Braces (Product View)

Polio-style Braces (Product View)


Polio-style Braces


  • Post polio patients
  • Patients who require hyperextension control
  • Patients who require genu recurvatum control
  • Custom shell length and trim line options
  • Rigid distal thigh band or adjustable anterior strap
  • High gloss paint finish, textured powdercoat or optional custom paint colors on Premier models
  • Color or fabric inlay on traditional full shell models

Additional information:

Townsend polio-style braces are designed for mobility-challenged patients who require control for hyperextension and/or genu recurvatum. You can consider the patient’s physical needs and life-style in selecting a traditional full shell or Premier Series brace design. Both braces feature our patented hinge motion and suspension technology.





Townsend’s polio-style knee braces are custom fabricated with an anterior thigh band and posterior tiba shell from a cast mold or digital leg scan.

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