KAFO Product View

KAFO Product View


Pediatric KAFO ADR


  • Allows for normal range in the knee, (0–30º dampened flexion) adjustable dynamic stance control
  • Knee component prevents knee buckling from sit-to-standing with ratchet support from 120° flexion to full extension.
  • The sit-to-stand safety slide lock/safety release is low profile and easy to engage and disengage for patients with adequate cognition and manual dexterity (no cable release needed)

Additional information:

Ultraflex Adjustable Dynamic Response™ (ADR™) Optimize gait with a functional bracing solution with resistance or dampening effects that are adjustable while being worn. Allows for normal range in the knee and/or ankle Selectively augments weak muscles Increases stability and dynamic balance Assists foot clearance in swing Clinical Presentations: crouch, equinus, variants of crouch and equinus Treatment Specialties: Cerebral Palsy (hemiplegic, diplegic, quadriplegic, GMFCS Levels 1-4), Spina Bifida, TBI, challenging neurological and developmental conditions, post-stroke, idiopathic toe walking syndrome, spinal cord pathology Age/Weight: Pediatric/adolescent up to 110 lb/50 kg – Ultraflex ADR™ UltraSafeGait™ Adolescent/adult 110 lb/50 kg - 250 lb/115kg – Ultraflex ADR™ UltraSafeStep™

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