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leg pain 

Dr. Clough


Surely, you see a lot of people with  leg pain.  This is common  after a walk/run or spending all day on your feet on cement floors..  Generally, these people respond poorly with only a change in their shoe gear, or adding an insole and many times these problems become chronic.  When  asked  for your assistance, best outcomes are experienced when  a comprehensive approach is taken to find the solution. 


Although, research is inconclusive at identifying the cause of these shin splints,it seems that mechanical control of the foot structure is usually the foundation of good care. Generally, when walking these people demonstrate excessive pronation and foot deformity as a result.


When offering a shoe or an insole to someone who complains of this pain , you should always include the Cluffy Wedge.  If the foot is not stable going forward for the next step, the muscles in the leg will tighten  to try to provide this stability.  This excessive muscle activity can cause the pain we call shin splints.  The Cluffy Wedge is the best option for improving the motion of the big toe going forward.  If the big toe does not move, this is like a switch that is stuck, it will not allow the foot to move from a shock absorber to a rigid lever.  If it stays like a shock absorber, the pain will not improve and the problem becomes chronic.


Be a hero to your client and they will spread the word about you and your store!  Offer them the complete package of shoe, insole, and Cluffy Wedge to improve your chances of success.  Do this every time.


Let us know about your success stories.

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