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360 O&P was founded on the vision of an orthotics and prosthetics community with strong ties, empowered patients, and abundant information on all the facets of the field-from the latest technological innovations to best practices and valuable background information. To realize this vision, up-to-date educational tools for the public, professionals, and practitioners are available throughout the site. These evolutionary building blocks allow the consumer, the medical community and premier industry manufacturers to come together to meet and exceed patients' goals and challenges. 360 O&P is a home for web-based community focused on empowerment and sharing the latest practical information for patients and professionals.

360 O&P Values
- support new ideas, services, and practices.
Community - bring patients, physicians, medical professionals and practitioners together.
Educate - share knowledge with the public and professional communities about all the facets of
orthotics and prosthetics, from devices and procedures to follow up.
Resolution - create solutions for medical issues and provide tools to make an informed decision about the orthotic/prosthetic plan of care.

360 O&P is unique to the internet, empowering people to be part of the process in determining the most appropriate approach to meet their individual goals.

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