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Success Story: Steve Burns 

In 1998 Steve Burns lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident, but he was determined that it wouldn''t slow him down. He had heard about some of the new technologies in prosthetic limbs and knew that he would be able to get back into his lifestyle of golfing, bowling, boating and diving. Today, he stays on the go as Captain of the Wilmington Fire Team and a worker for 38 years at the Tesoro Oil Refinery.“When I go to the gym I use my Flex-Foot®. When I go to the river I put on my leg with water shoes, or one for diving with my diving suit. I have a special one for my fire suit, and then of course there''s the PROPRIO FOOT® that I use all the time.” says Steve. The PROPRIO FOOT that Steve received through Human Designs is the world''s first intelligent foot module and the wide automated range of ankle and foot flexion it provides classifies it as "as close as you can get to the human foot today."

Steve and his wife Dana recently celebrated their 37th Anniversary, and it was Dana who brought him to Human Designs. Seven years ago Dana began looking for a new prosthetist to help Steve in managing his active lifestyle. Steve says that Dana checked everywhere to find the best and wanted to work with Human Designs. With a busy day to day and a third granddaughter on the way, Steve makes the most of his prostheses and doesn''t hesitate for new adventures.

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