Harmony® P2 & HD

Harmony® P2 & HD

Otto Bock

Harmony® P2 & HD


  • Elevated vacuum ensures excellent fit
  • Reduces fluctuations in residual limb volume – eliminates need to add spots and socks throughout the day
  • Improves proprioception for more confident ambulating
  • Reduces forces in the socket

Additional information:

The Harmony® system controls the volume of the residual limb and prevents volume fluctuations. A total surface weight bearing socket is used with polyurethane liner. 


The Harmony System creates an elevated vacuum environment between the socket and liner. With each step, the Harmony pump removes air so the user has precise socket fit all day long. 



Preventing Fluctuations in Volume


The Harmony System’s elevated vacuum helps regulate volume changes in the residual limb for a consistent fit. By using a total surface weight bearing socket, pressure on load-bearing areas are relieved. 


The Harmony’s benefits go beyond providing exceptional fit. The pump also provides shock absorption and rotation. 


The system consists of a pump, polyurethane liner and gel-coated sleeve.

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