Alpha Spirit Liners (Product View)

Alpha Spirit Liners (Product View)

Ohio Willow Wood

Alpha Spirit Liners


  • Flexible Unbroken Loop Fabric Allows Easy Donning and Doffing.
  • Available in Cushion and Locking Styles.
  • Ideal for Geriatric Amputees.
  • Skin-friendly Gel Contains Vitamin E.
  • Use Alpha Spirit Seal with Locking Liner for Superior Suction Solution.

Additional information:

 The Alpha Spirit Liner is a unique limb and skin protection interface that offers the same skin-friendly, mineral-oil-based gel as the Alpha Original Liner, but features a unique fabric. Alpha Spirit fabric can be used with Velcro®-type material and is more flexible than the Alpha Original Liner fabric. The extra flexibility means that the Spirit Liner is easier to don and doff, and easier to flex at the knee. The ability to attach to Velcrotype material opens up exciting possibilities for Alpha use, especially in terms of suspension when combined with Alpha Spirit Suction Seals. The Alpha Spirit Liner is heat moldable, allowing prosthetists to easily customize the liner within their facilities.


Choose from three gel thicknesses to maximize comfort and socket fit, and choose from six sizes to adapt to the amputee’s limb circumference. Additionally, the medium, medium-plus and large sizes are available in three distinct styles to accommodate various limb shapes.


The locking liner is designed for use with a shuttle lock or a lanyard and 10 mm pin for maximum security. The medium and medium-plus sizes of the locking liner are available with the same small umbrella that is on the small liner.


Use the thickest liner that is comfortable for the patient. The 6 mm and 9 mm liners provide the most cushioning for the amputee, and are often the best choice. The 3 mm liner is especially useful when at least 3 mm of shrinkage is expected, so the amputee can be moved into thicker liners as the shrinkage progresses.

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