Coyote Design Inc.


Coyote Design Inc.

Focus, determination, hard work and the desire to be better—these are traits used in sports like triathlon, ski racing and golf, and at Coyote Design, we rely on them for product development. Dale Perkins CPO, a below-the-knee amputee was in need of better products to solve many of the issues he had in his orthotic and prosthetic practice.

With the help of his youngest son Matt, an above-theknee amputee, they began to develop new products for the practice directly from the napkin drawings they were creating. From these simple napkin drawings a new company was formed.

Dale continues in full-time patient care practice, while Matt runs Coyote Design. Both continue to develop innovative products for the amputee, practictioners, technicians and the bottom-line.

This back to basics and customer feedback centric approach helps Coyote develop products for people, rather than trying to find people for products.

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