PrimeCare O&P Network

PrimeCare O&P Network’s Benefits:

  • Operating under Board of Directors
  • Contracting
  • Vendor Discounts
  • Mentoring Program
  • Networking within the Group

PrimeCare O&P Network Overview 

PrimeCare O&P Network, founded in 1997 is a network of independently owned O&P facilities, created for the purpose of contracting, educations and mentoring on behalf of the Network’s members.  Currently, we have 75 offices and are located in 15 states. 

PrimeCare was developed by a group of independent Orthotics & Prosthetics facility owners who are keenly interested in maintaining our conscientious philosophy of patient care in today’s environment.  To this end, we have brought together like-minded prosthetic and orthotic company owners to create a larger and stronger response to various market forces. 

PrimeCare operates under the supervision of a board of directors comprised of independent facility owners and managers.  Staff is responsible for seeking out and negotiating contract on behalf of our participants, troubleshooting questions and requests for information from participants and managed care organizations, and recruiting new participants to cover territory we have defined as our market area. 

PrimeCare has several vendors that we recognize as PrimeCare Partners.  These partners offer the members of the network a discount or service that they cannot negotiate on their own or with another group.  However, we are not a buying group. 

We also have a mentoring and networking programs that allows our members to call upon one another when they have issues that they may need assistance or advice on how to handle.  Our members will also share positive experiences that have worked that may work for others in the network.  

PrimeCare’s goal is to maintain quality patient satisfaction and to help our members obtain the best reimbursement possible. (official website)


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