Endolite is a part of Blatchford Inc., which has been making artificial limbs and prosthetic components since 1890. As one of the oldest prosthetic manufacturers, Endolite has continued to provide innovative product designs which enable amputees to get busy living.

In 1980, Endolite developed the world’s first carbon fiber prosthetic system using materials developed for the aircraft industry. This technology made it possible for Endolite to create light, high-strength prosthetic designs that passed and exceeded the new ISO standards for limb components and paved the way for the development of flexible feet and shin elements that create additional energy return to enhance walking and sports activities. Endolite continues to focus on the use of carbon fiber composite materials and smart electronics to provide sophisticated yet practical solutions to the needs of lower limb amputees. Please click here to see our prosthetic Innovation Timeline.

Endolite’s North American Headquarters is situated in Centerville, Ohio, just south of Dayton. We manufacture our products and components in the United States and the United Kingdom and conduct Research and Development in both countries with additional offices located in India, Russia and Malaysia.

We have 50 employees in the United States to handle your specific needs. We are dedicated to providing a valuable and positive experience to everyone who chooses to do business with us and are deeply committed to strengthening the quality of life for every member of the amputee community by offering the most innovative prosthetic engineering and service in the world. In our attempt to continually improve we encourage you to provide feedback on how we are doing so we can help you with your patient care and enable your amputees to get busy living.

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